And the rest of the story


Thomas Edison said that an inventor is nothing more than a creative mind and a pile of junk.

The junk is the easy part, and the creative mind is the curse!  I have always looked at things and wondered if I could have made an improvement.

I was born on a farm, and when something broke, you fixed it.  If you didn’t know how, you learned.  This leads me to my favorite motto: The proper number of tools to own is one more!

Generations of my family have taken me to auctions, estate/garage sales, and thrift stores, looking for the diamond in the rough and finding the next item to save. These experiences helped mold me into a Son of Salvage.

I worked the bicycle industry many years and was sorry to see all the parts trashed.  Clocks, business card holders, bar stools, lamps,  and tables were my start in this hobby.  Peer pressure pushed me into golf club saves and my gearhead genes kicked in for another twist.

Then, one word, Pinterest.

With it and social media, the requests came piling in.  “What can’t you do?”  Great question and I am happy for the challenges!  And this is where I have landed.  A crazy ride, but would not change a thing!






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